Tips to update your look


Discover revolutionary skincare treatments and advice on maintaining a youthful appearance. Get advice ranging from practical tips for updating your look to focusing on the importance of treating your skin with tender loving care. With an array of treatments to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation, Artistry Clinic offers treatments that complement these tips with […]

I should COCO?

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In the realm of skincare, coconut oil has garnered significant attention for its purported benefits. However, as with any skincare product, its efficacy can vary depending on individual skin types and concerns. Dr. Sarah Shah, Founder of Artistry Clinic, offers invaluable insights into the use of coconut oil for skin care. Check out the article […]

What you really need to know about cleansing


In a detailed exploration of modern skincare practices, experts including Dr. Sarah Shah from Artistry Clinic unravel the complexities surrounding proper cleansing. Highlighting the crucial need for thorough skin cleansing, you can learn how neglecting this fundamental step can lead to inflammation, congestion, and accelerated aging due to pollutants and makeup residue. Dr. Shah emphasises […]

This is why you definitely shouldn’t Botox if you’re a vegan


In the quest for cruelty-free beauty, the complexity of determining whether cosmetic surgery treatments are vegan-friendly is a growing concern among ethical consumers. Dr. Sarah Shah from Artistry Clinic sheds light on this issue, particularly focusing on popular procedures like Botox and dermal fillers. Despite these treatments not containing animal-derived ingredients, the mandatory animal testing […]

How to prevent and treat acne scarring: the dos and don’ts

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Discover the secrets to preventing and treating acne scarring, with experts diving into the psychological and physical impacts of acne scars. They emphasise early intervention and professional treatment as crucial strategies for managing acne and preventing scarring. Consultant dermatologists and skincare experts, such as Dr. Sarah Shah, advocate for addressing the root cause of acne […]

Why anti-pollution beauty products are actually worth the hype


In an era where environmental aggressors are more prevalent than ever, this need to understand and embrace the role of anti-pollution skincare is massive. This piece offers readers a curated selection of products designed to shield the skin from the damaging effects of pollution. It introduces products that not only come from breakthrough formulas but […]

People are getting Botox in their armpits to stop them sweating, here’s what happens


In the pursuit of combating excessive sweating, a condition known as hyperhidrosis, individuals are turning to an innovative use of Botox, traditionally known for its wrinkle-smoothing capabilities. Artistry Clinic, led by Dr. Sarah Shah, provides this unique treatment that involves injecting Botox into the armpits to temporarily block the chemical signals from the nerves that […]

Is it time to ignore the hype and go back to basics with our skincare?


In a world of ever-evolving skincare trends, Dr. Sarah Shah of Artistry Clinic offers a refreshing perspective on the importance of a simplified skincare routine. This piece looks into the complexities of modern skincare regimes and examines whether the plethora of products and treatments available today deliver on their promises. Join us as we explore […]

This non-surgical butt lift can transform the shape of your bum in just ONE hour


Dr. Sarah Shah at Artistry Clinic is at the forefront of offering innovative, non-surgical solutions for those seeking to enhance their silhouette without the risks associated with surgery. The clinic’s non-surgical butt lift, utilising Sculptra injections, promises to transform buttocks shapes within just one hour. This treatment caters to various buttock shapes – V, H, […]

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