What is Dermapen?

Dermapen is a device used for medical purposes, which works by breaking down old scar tissue in order to stimulate skin cells for growth. This reproduction results in the creation of new tissue layers with elastin and collagen fibres, helping to improve the blood supply.

The device will gently glide over the skin, penetrating the layers which are closest to the surface, up to a depth of 2mm in order to create several tiny needle abrasions. The procedure encourages the body to react through the formation of new collagen and elastin fibres. When the skin reacts to the treatment, it plumps and thickens, which in turn minimises the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and scarring.

What conditions does micro-needling help?

  • Mild to moderate scarring from acne
  • Surgical scarring
  • Wrinkles & fine lines
  • Stretch marks
  • Skin texture & pore sizes
  • Keloid scarring

What can I expect to happen during the procedure?

Anaesthetic cream can be applied to clean skin to avoid discomfort although there is minimal discomfort. Collagen-stimulating products such as Hyaluronic Acid will help increase results. Next, the Dermapen device pierces the skin via its sterile and disposable tip of 12 tiny needles. The Dermapen is multi-speed and fully adjustable which increases the absorption of treatment products. After the treatment is complete, medical grade skincare  is used to sooth, heal, hydrate and protect the skin.

What will I look like after Dermapen treatment?

It is normal to experience some mild redness, along with some swelling in certain cases. These may last between approximately 24-48 hours. After several days or weeks, you will start to notice a smoother, brighter and more radiant appearance and younger looking skin. However, it can take several months to see the treatment’s full benefits.

Does the treatment carry risks?

The likelihood of an infection taking place is very small, since the procedure is performed under very safe medical conditions and the tiny pricking channels will close up within an hour of the procedure being performed.

How often and how many treatments are necessary?

The micro-needling treatment can be repeated safely every 4 to 6 weeks until the desired results are achieved. When reducing the appearance of scarring, it is advised that 3-6 treatments take place. For the introduction of collagen, 3 treatments are recommended to start with, but there should be a minimum of 4-6 weeks between each treatment. Different elements will affect the number of treatments necessary. That includes how each individual reacts to the treatment and the degree of damage at the outset.*

The micro-needling treatment can be used on all skin areas of the body and most people will be able to visibly notice the results from the very first session.*

Are there any side effects?

Practically no harmful side effects occur as a result of the treatment. In more than 150,000 treatments performed in the world, there have been no negative cases reported.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.

Dermapen Special Offers?


Face (1 session) £200
Course of 3 £600
Face & Neck £250
Course of 3 £700
Face Neck Decolletage £300
Course of 3 £800
Body £350
Course of 3 £900


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