Lip Fillers London

When smiling, nothing grabs the eye more than your lips. Lips are pivotal to facial symmetry and beauty. Studies have shown that wider fuller lips are considered marks of attractiveness in women.

As we begin to age, the lips naturally lose volume, become less defined and the mouth can droop at the corners.

Soft lip fillers can be used to define, create subtle enhancements or a sensuous pout by improving the hydration system, resulting in natural fullness, symmetry and well defined lips.

Lip fillers can be used to:

  • Create fuller lips
  • Define the vermilion border
  • Correct droopy corners of the mouth
  • Improve volume in the philtrum ridges to create a more youthful look
  • Increase lip height

The procedure

Whether you are looking for a subtle enhancement, definition or a luscious pout, your ideas and expectations will be addressed thoroughly during the consultation.

Due to local anaesthetic, the treatment is quick and pain-free with observable results immediately. Swelling will take 1-2 days to subside.

Recovery time is usually one week. A review will be carried out in two weeks where touch ups can be made.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.

0.6ml enhancement £300
1ml £450
1.5ml £600

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