Nefertiti neck lift

What is neck lift?

The Nefertiti neck lift is a non invasive procedure where botulinum toxin is injected into the vertical muscles which run from the base of your neck to your jaw, known as the platysma bands, for a rejuvenating and lifting effect

How does it work?

The platysma bands are continuously pulling down on your lower face, leading to dropping skin. As botulinum toxin is administered into these muscles, they are relaxed, preventing them from contracting. This leads to a softer appearance and a lifting effect.

Who is suitable?

Clients who are concerned about loose jowls

Those with saggy skin on the neck

Clients who have a tendency to tense the neck

Clients who want more of a defined jawline

How many are required?

Results can be seen after a few days of treatment, with optimum results around 10-14days. The treatment can last several months, with a top up required. A combination of treatments including dermal filler can often give clients an enhanced result. A consultation with the Dr will be required to create a bespoke treatment plan.

Is there any downtime?

There is very little recovery time and you can resume your daily activities afterwards. You may have slight redness or swelling for a few hours.