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Preventative Botox isn’t just a good way to stay ahead of wrinkles, it’s also a friendly reminder to slow down and take care of yourself. When you take the time for preventative Botox London treatments, you’re making a commitment to yourself and that deserves to be celebrated.

While most women wait until they begin noticing wrinkles in the front of the mirror to get Botox treatments, more and more dermatologists like us here at Artistry Clinic London are supporting women & men to try Botox as a preventive.

This article digs deeper into what preventative Botox is, how it can help you, its cost in the UK, etc. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

But before we understand more about preventative Botox, let’s take a quick peek at Botox. The key ingredient in Botox injections is botulinum toxin type A—a paralyzing muscle agent. When injected into your face muscle, that agent stops muscle contractions, stopping your skin from folding.

Without those muscle contractions, your skin stays smooth, resulting in a more youthful look.

Does Preventative Botox Work?

As its name implies, preventative Botox is an injection treatment that involves treating areas of the skin with Botox before fine lines and wrinkles start to develop. Preventative Botox refers to how neurotoxins work to lessen the appearance of furrows, wrinkles, and fine lines currently visible. It can also help alleviate the future worsening and deepening of such lines.

Fine lines and wrinkles develop over time because of recurrent movement of the facial expression muscles. Remember that preventative Botox treatments stop the nerve signals to such muscles to control facial expressions.

Further, Botox injections relax the facial muscles and prevent the movement of such muscles. That trains the face to avoid wrinkles and lines as you get older.

For improved and more prolonged results, dermatologist suggests having preventative Botox when wrinkles start to develop, not before the appearance of any signs. If you begin those injections too early, your skin muscles might begin thin, causing your skin to look impulsively aged.

The treatment also helps remove fine lines that become wrinkles—beginning preventative Botox at an early phase guarantees that you stop fine lines on their tracks. That also indicates you’ll need fewer Botox injections as you grow older.

At What Age Should You Get Preventative Botox?

People in their late twenties or mid-thirties are more likely to be the ideal candidates for a preventative Botox. The concept of this treatment is to treat before the wrinkles develop to have smoother, younger-looking skin.

If you’re beginning to develop fine lines with repetitive movement and like to soften or remove them, preventative Botox is worth seeking with your licensed injector.

Is Preventative Botox Expensive?

Well, it depends on the clinic you plan to have your treatment. Botox is often done in a medical spa and is a relatively painless and fast procedure.

The treatment costs typically between £100 to £350 per session and need at least two to four sessions every year to sustain wrinkle prevention. It is the exact cost of a regular Botox.

On top of that, the treatment exists for individuals who wish to get ahead and slow down their aging process and is optional. Preventative Botox treatment may seem like a frivolous expense, but it is actually one of the smartest ways to protect your face.

When considering Botox as a cosmetic solution, remember that it is a medical procedure and should be administered by a licensed and experienced professional similar to ourselves.

When you go to a non-cosmetic physician to get your Botox injections, complications can occur. This can be especially dangerous as the results of Botox lasts longer than other fillers and relaxers.

What is The Difference Between Botox and Preventative?

You may be wondering what makes Botox and preventative Botox different from each other. Well, there’s not much difference between the two. Botox is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment utilized to remove aging wrinkles on the skin.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Botox for cosmetic use in 2002. However, it had been already utilized in other non-cosmetic treatments since the late 1800s.

Preventative Botox is a facial injection that stops faint lines from forming into deep wrinkles. As with an average Botox, the injections momentarily prevent muscles from developing by preventing nerve signals. After the muscle is relaxed, the skin on the top relaxes.

The mechanism of the injectable is the key to understanding how Botox can be utilized preventatively. Botox works by stopping the signals from the nerves, ordering the muscles to contract. The injected muscles do not contract, which makes lines relax and soften. That makes Botox suitable for wrinkles, which come from muscle contractions.

By inhibiting the movement of such muscles and training your face to prevent them, Botox can be a practical tool for stopping such lines and wrinkles from developing in the future, beginning from a young age.

Slowing down the use of such muscles will stop the deep lines from forming. You can think of that as a marathon: minor maintenance and treatments over time will lead to a more natural long-term result.

How Many Units of Botox Do I Need For Preventative?

One of the significant differences between a standard Botox and preventative Botox treatment is the amount of Botox (measured in units) utilized to treat the problem areas. The number of units required in any Botox treatment differs based on the wrinkles’ severity and other factors specific to your skin type.

Nonetheless, preventative Botox will need as few as ten units to smooth your forehead lines. Many dermatologists or doctors consider ten units to be a decent minimum. That’s because any fewer than that and you might not get the results you want.

If you plan to get a Botox, you should be clear and transparent about your objectives. If you have issues about particular wrinkle spots, and the treatment will deal with those, and you believe it will make you feel good about your look, then that’s awesome.

However, if your goal is more general, such as feeling good about life, it is essential to realize that preventative Botox will not be a one-and-done answer.

The treatment itself can be helpful for individuals who understand that they will want Botox eventually to stave off wrinkles. You may need more Botox as your lines get more profound, not to mention you may need lasers and fillers simultaneously.

How Long Does Preventative Botox Last?

A standard treatment will last at least three to five months before you start noticing your static wrinkles appear again. A series of factors can impact that timeline, including your genetics and how often you work out.

You should see the results of your preventative Botox treatment within just a few days. Those results will last at least four to five months. We do not suggest coming in for a second session sooner than three months to accomplish a more natural look.

To maintain the treatment outcomes and notice the most benefits when it comes to wrinkle prevention, we suggest having an injection routine three times a year or at least every four months.

What Are The After Affects

Most patients are not excited by the concept of procedures that involve needs voluntary. However, Botox usually is less painful than people think. The whole process is a fast one, probably shockingly for many people.

It is normal to have slight bruising at the injection area that, in most cases, vanishes within a few days of the treatment. Bumps and redness can also happen in the hours after the procedure, but they are typically minimal and could be easily covered up with makeup.

We hope you find this article informative and helpful.

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