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The Artistry Doctrine

Our team comprises the most talented and pioneering doctors in the industry that possess not only scientific ability but that artistic eye that can turn ordinary into extraordinary while preserving an individual’s uniqueness

Our goal is to deliver the most beautiful, natural and authentic result that is true to our clients’ physical and emotional needs. Above all, we aim to empower and inspire each and every client with a deep sense of satisfaction, confidence and self belief.

Every person has the right to age and evolve in a dignified, graceful way. We provide people with a remedy for premature ageing, and support them in reaching the greatest heights of their unique aesthetic potential.

There is no “perfect” with aesthetics; it’s subjective. People have different ideals and preferences. Beauty is the eye of the beholder. Every single person also has their own innate physical qualities, making them uniquely beautiful. The result is many ‘perfects’ and therefore using a one-size-fits-all template leads to confusion and aesthetic ambiguity.

Preservation is the primary goal of our treatments. Preserve uniqueness. Preserve youthfulness. Preserve the beautiful characteristics that make up each individual. Applying subtle tweaks while maintaining a person’s uniqueness is an art and the utmost skill. It allows a person’s natural beauty to shine, through enhanced ratios and proportions, leading to the most natural, stunning results.

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About us:

Artistry clinic was founded in 2012. We are based in two locations: the city of London, the heart of the financial district directly opposite the world renowned ‘gherkin’ tower; another office is in Harley street, the premier medical district.  We offer bespoke medical solutions for aesthetic preservation, repair and enhancement. We consist of a team of highly trained doctors and therapists who are the specialists of their field. Our broad portfolio of treatments include wrinkle relaxing, facial dermal fillers, eye bag removal, non-surgical nose reshaping, world renowned skin care, lasers, Brazilian butt lifts, sexual function enhancement and more novel therapies such as PRP.

Cosmetic services can be very daunting, however in our clinic you will always be fully informed and supported from start to finish.  Our consultations are based on listening to our clients’ needs, concerns, fears, hopes and expectations. Our job is to educate the client to help them make decisions about their treatment plan. We use all our tools, expertise, knowledge and the most advanced techniques to execute their aesthetic vision and help them realise their goals.

Each client is treated like family and we have forged and maintained many long standing friendships over the years. Each and every client is cherished, whether they are royalty, super models, famous artists, fashion icons, the mother of 3 treating herself for the first time in the past ten years, or the octogenarian who wants to look good on a video call with the grandchildren.

Each person has a bespoke plan that is systematic with a mutually agreed timeline. They have all the time devoted to them during treatment. All clients have a follow up to ensure well rounded care. During or after a course of treatments the doctors are personally available over the telephone and email to address any queries. As we are big advocates of the less is more approach, the over treated look is avoided with a passion and a top up is usually included after a couple of weeks if more is required.

Our dedication to our clients ensures that we enthusiastically seek out the latest techniques and treatments from Miami to Moscow, and Seoul to São Paulo, so that we are always at the forefront of aesthetic advances.

We value every single piece of feedback, we embrace it and act on it so that we are continuously evolving with our clients, reaching extraordinary standards and beyond.

sarah shah artistry clinic
Dr Sarah Shah

I endeavour to provide my clients with access to the latest cosmetic solutions, which are superior to painful surgical procedures. I strive towards a naturally healthy and radiant look and have perfected a non-surgical technique to achieve this. Each person is unique therefore I ensure a bespoke treatment programme is tailor made specific to your needs.

When I started my journey in aesthetics more than 10 years ago it was a very different industry and mentality. Aesthetic improvements were not looked at favourably or respected even; it had been tarnished by many poor celebrity results in the media that had been made an example of. My goal was to educate, inspire people, gain their trust and confidence and prove that the greatest aesthetic improvements were in the most subtle tweaks.

Over the years I have constantly maintained my natural style to the extent where people have been able to keep their procedures secret if they desired so. The most commonly reported compliment they receive from partners, friends and family is a ‘wow you look amazing and well rested, have you been on holiday’. It gives me great joy when a client regains their confidence, smiles to themselves in the mirror, happy that they carried out a proclamation of self love and self preservation. I feel honoured to be the person to help them along this journey of self empowerment which I strive to carry out in a safe environment built on honesty, trust, sensitivity and understanding.

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Dr Majid Shah Artistry Clinic
Dr Majid Shah

Dr Majid Shah is a graduate of prestigious institutions such as King Edward’s School Edgbaston in Birmingham and he received his degree in Dentistry at King’s College London, which at the time was part of the Top 3 Dental Institutes in the world. Soon after qualifying he secured a highly coveted one year Senior House Officer post dedicated purely to Restorative Dentistry at the King’s College Dental Institute, home to the only Dental Trauma unit in the UK. Here he worked alongside renowned consultants and specialists. Since then he spent his time working and leading dental practice in Birmingham. His background in facial anatomy through his Dental work and attention to detail are what make Dr Shah perfectly suited to facial aesthetics.
He has continually expanded his proficiency in this field by completing various Masterclass courses and is capable of a multitude of procedures that can address many of your concerns.
Dr Shah has an established network of satisfied patients in Birmingham and London, built on “word of mouth” referrals and zero marketing. He is a member of the American Academy of Facial Aesthetics, which he hopes can help him to continuously improve and apply new exciting advances in aesthetics to treatments provided within the clinic.
Majid is committed to providing professional and patient-centred care in order to fully understand and fulfil your requirements. As an elected year representative for four consecutive years during university, he has honed skills to excel in patient communication and trust. His attention to detail and precision of all his work allows enhancement and rejuvenation of innate beauty.

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