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Softly diminish laugh lines to rejuvenate your smile, maintaining natural expression with a youthful touch.
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What Are Laugh Lines?

Laugh lines (nasolabial folds) are wrinkles in the skin which appear when we smile. When we laugh or smile, our facial muscles contract & cause the overlying skin to wrinkle & fold. The skin around the eyes, especially, is very thin & delicate, & creates laugh lines in certain people with frequent smiling or laughing.

The laugh lines or the wrinkles of happiness are signs that a person has laughed a lot, smiled a lot & enjoyed life! The number of laugh lines on a person’s face will tell you about his/her lifestyle.

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Causes of Laugh Lines

Laugh lines are a combination of genetics, emotions, & environment. As you age, the skin loses elasticity & the muscles in your face become less toned. Frowning, squinting, smiling, or any other facial expressions can cause laugh lines to form around your mouth & eyes. & just like other wrinkles & fine lines, laugh lines can be caused by sun damage if you spend too much time tanning without sunscreen.

Over time, our bodies naturally produce less collagen & hyaluronic acid. These nutrients are responsible for keeping our skin plump & hydrated. When the skin doesn’t have enough moisture it begins to wrinkle. Sun exposure also contributes to loss of collagen as it damages existing collagen in the skin. If you want to prevent laugh lines from forming or becoming more pronounced, there are some things you can do!

The skin type you were born with can increase the likelihood that you’ll get laugh lines. Your genetic predisposition for skin elasticity & collagen production is a key factor in determining how your face will age. People with dry skin tend to be more prone to wrinkles & fine lines than those with oily or combination skin.

Repeated facial expressions (like smiling, frowning, raising your eyebrow, etc.) can lead to wrinkles as well. When you smile, muscles contract on the face & cause the skin to wrinkle up. Over time, these repeated movements can leave permanent creases on the face.
Environmental Exposure

Exposure to environmental elements like the sun’s UV rays, wind, pollution & chemicals can damage the skin & speed up aging of the skin. Excessive sun exposure without sunscreen can cause facial wrinkles & dark spots on your face. Smoking can also accelerate aging of the skin by damaging collagen & elastin (the protein fibers responsible for keeping your skin firm).


Folds that run from the bottom of your nose to the corners of your mouth are called nasolabial folds, & they can make you look older than you really are. If your nasolabial folds bother you, we can help.

Parenthesis are lines that run from the corners of your mouth to your chin. They don’t show when you’re young but as you get older, they start to deepen & can take over your face. It’s important to fill them in early! Dermal fillers can help get rid of parentheses lines. They can also be treated with a facelift, laser or radiofrequency energy.

Vertical wrinkles above your upper lip are the result of smoking. It is a fact that smoking causes early appearance of vertical wrinkles above the upper lip, especially in women. Vertical wrinkles above your upper lip are also known as smoker’s lines.

Solutions to Remove Laugh Lines

Botox injections are growing in popularity as a treatment for laugh lines, or wrinkles. Typically, the treatment involves Botox injections of the forehead & around the eyes, which will remove the lines that form from facial expressions like squinting & laughing. Botox injections can be performed in about ten minutes in our Botox London clinic with only minimal discomfort & typically last three to six months before they need to be repeated.

Dermal fillers can be used for laugh lines as well as other areas on the body such as under eye bags, marionette lines, & the lips. it’s a great way to plump up sagging skin without going through invasive cosmetic surgery.

Chemical peels are a treatment option for laugh lines. These treatments remove the outermost layer of skin, causing new skin to form in its place. A variety of chemical peel solutions are available to treat aging skin, & each type has a different level of strength & permanence.

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Anna Smith
Dr sarah really takes her time and has patience , being a anxious person she makes sure im carm before starting treatments and takes her time to explain what shes doing. I am happy with the filler treatment she has done for me .
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Beth Nolan
I have been a returning customer to Artistry Clinic for a number of years. My first treatment was for nose reshaping, I was so happy with the results, I have since returned multiple times and have expanded to receive other filler based treatment. I am always made to feel comfortable and have absolute confidence in the results every time.
Amazing Clinic with Amazing staff!
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Khurram Butt
Words cannot describe the treatment i have received, in which it has changed my life. Thank you so much.
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Louise Hughes
Love love love Artistry Clinic, Sarah’s lip fillers are amazing and look so natural, never met anyone that can do what she does 😍😍

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