Winter Face Mask Treatments – Our Top Recomendations

Do you feel that winter has caused you to lose your healthy glow? You’re certainly not alone. Winter can cause a multitude of issues for all skin types, often leaving your complexion dry and flaky. A winter face mask treatment can help cure your seasonal skin problems and bring it back to life.

Take a look at the benefits of winter face mask treatments and some recommendations for top winter treatments.


The benefits of winter face mask treatments

Face masks are great for resolving a number of common skin complaints. When treatments are used frequently they can form a good part of your skincare routine, and are therefore perfect for both quick fixes and longer term skincare goals.

Face masks offer deep cleansing, which is great for de-clogging pores and dirt/leftover makeup. This is far less invasive than squeezing or harsh exfoliation, leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh after a treatment.

Winter face mask treatments are also very relaxing, a chance to enjoy a bit of ‘me-time’ with some pampering that is free from distractions. If you’ve never tried a face mask treatment before, it’s worth trying just for the relaxation element.

Face masks are often credited with being the key to glowing skin. A mask will not only leave your skin feeling softer and smoother, but it will also help to even out your skin tone to create that stunning glow.

Not only that, but having a regular face mask treatment benefits the rest of your skincare routine. It helps your skin to better absorb products, which is great news for your lotions and potions – particularly your anti-ageing skincare.


Our top recommendations for winter face mask treatments

At Dr Sarah Shah, we offer a wide range of face masks and peels that are perfect to help you resolve your winter skincare woes. Some of our top recommendations for treatments include:

Fire and Ice Facial

You probably spend most of your winter being hot or cold, so why not enjoy a Fire and Ice Facial that offers various benefits for your skin. Made famous by the Four Seasons Hotel in LA’s exclusive Beverly Hills, this celebrity favourite is now available in London.

Top celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow swear by the Fire and Ice Facial to keep them looking young. It’s a resurfacing treatment that offers deep cleansing while also tightening the skin to improve the appearance of wrinkles.

An effective two-step treatment, it’s the ideal lunchtime pick-me-up for smoother, younger-looking skin this winter.

Obaji-C Rx Systems

If you feel like your skin is showing your age, then the Obaji-C RX Systems could be what you need to take the years away. It contains vitamin C and prescription-strength hydroquinone which can help the skin to produce collagen and reduce skin damage.

An Obaji-C Rx System treatment can leave you with refreshed and rejuvenated skin ready for the New Year. Use it to kick start your new beauty routine and enjoy the benefits of younger looking skin.

Obaji Blue Peel (medium peel)

When your skin is looking dull and tired, a peel can be the answer. An option for those looking for a medium peel is the Obagi Blue Peel, which helps reduce wrinkles and tightens the skin while also leaving skin looking healthy and glowing. Dead skin is removed to help reduce scarring and more – making it ideal for younger skin types suffering from acne scaring and sun damage.

The treatment has to be used with the Nu-Derm skincare regime in order to prep the skin for the treatment. A perfect way to give your skin a boost, it’s a must-have for treating winter skin problems.

Dr Sarah Shah is a leading expert in skin and body treatments. Offering a wide range of expert procedures within two top London clinics, you can be assured of a professional experience.

Book a winter face mask treatment and help your skin recover from the harshness of winter. Browse through our full list of treatments and book an appointment at one either our London skin care clinic or Harley St today.




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