This is why you definitely shouldn’t Botox if you’re a vegan


In the quest for cruelty-free beauty, the complexity of determining whether cosmetic surgery treatments are vegan-friendly is a growing concern among ethical consumers. Dr. Sarah Shah from Artistry Clinic sheds light on this issue, particularly focusing on popular procedures like Botox and dermal fillers. Despite these treatments not containing animal-derived ingredients, the mandatory animal testing due to their classification as medical products raises ethical dilemmas for vegans. Dr. Shah highlights alternatives such as Mesotherapy, which utilises natural substances found in the body, yet cautions vegans to research thoroughly due to the pervasive nature of animal testing in the industry.

Moreover, the article expands on other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, lip lifts, and laser resurfacing treatments, illustrating that while some are technically vegan because they don’t involve animal products directly, the use of general anaesthesia and certain preparations, like Botox’s egg base, present hidden animal-derived components or testing practices.

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