Dr Sarah Shah

Dr Sarah Shah

Hi, I’m Dr Sarah Shah, a specialist in aesthetic medicine and member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. I currently divide my time between providing patient care and my facial aesthetics clinics based in Harley Street and the City of London. For the past eight years, I have been delivering the latest non-surgical cosmetic procedures, using painless techniques and the best materials.

Cosmetic services can be very daunting however in our clinic you will always be fully informed and supported from start to finish. You will have an initial consultation where you will be able to express your ideas and expectations. Each consultation will also take into account your skin care regime and diet as our clinic philosophy is based on the view that treatment starts from the inside out.

I endeavour to provide my clients with access to the latest cosmetic solutions, which are superior to painful surgical procedures. I strive towards a naturally healthy, blemish free and healthy look and have perfected a non-surgical technique to achieve this ideal. Each person is unique; therefore a bespoke treatment programme will be tailor made for you, specific to your needs.

During a relaxed and informal consultation my goal is to address your concerns and expectations so that whether you are aiming to repair damage or enhance beauty, your vision is realised in the closest way. During a course of treatments and after your treatment I will be personally available over the telephone and email to address any queries and concerns you may have. Following treatment, you will have a follow-up consultation to assess any concerns or the need for any top-ups. Top-ups such as fillers will be made.

Over 8 years I have focused on providing clients with the most advanced and non-invasive procedures. I believe the key to success lies in having an artistic eye, precision of skills, an appreciation for beauty and the ability to work with a person’s innate beauty. The result is a natural enhancement.

Having graduated from the University of Birmingham medical school in 2004, I went onto achieve membership to the Royal College of General Practitioners with Merit in 2008. Pursuing a special interest in dermatology and the science of healthy skin combined with my passion for art, I undertook specialist training in aesthetic medicine at Harley Street and was fortunate to train with leading experts and pioneers of the industry.

I am now actively involved in clinical research and training other physicians myself. I continue to immerse myself in the international community of aesthetics to stay at the forefront of advances in this very progressive field of medicine.

I currently divide my time providing patient care at both our City of London Clinic and Harley Street.

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