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Staring at yourself in the reflection, what once was youthful looking skin is now being annihilated by the ever growing amount of annoying fine lines crawling across your forehead. Congratulations; your first wrinkles have surfaced! In this ‘selfie’ obsessed generation that we live in, it’s not just women that will do anything to preserve their youthful looks. After all, who doesn’t want to look and feel their best!?

It’s fact. Young, good looking men feel more confident generally, as opposed to an unfit, older man that doesn’t take care of himself. It’s hard to see where one should draw the line under cosmetic enhancements (unlike that unsightly crease across your forehead that is raised as your read this- you can see that) but now we are constantly seeking eternal youth! Although over time it has been perceived that men who use beauty treatments are not described as the ‘alpha male’, this assumption is totally incorrect. The majority of our male clients are metrosexual and thoroughly enjoy Dr.Shah taking the time and effort to help them through their complexes; physically and mentally.

Introducing… Botox (trade name for Botulinum Toxin- a natural protein). Historically used for frown lines, forehead creases and crows feet, Doctor’s have been performing with Botox for over twenty five years. Botox can last for up to six months and it basically blocks the action of the chemical that would cause your muscle to contract and wrinkle. Nowadays we are moving away from the harsh, plastic looking Botox trend and opting for a more subtle, natural look.

Botox can be used to rectify obvious areas. People commonly use it for around the face but there are many more tricks to this trade! Dr. Shah frequently deals with a multitude of issues her male clients are experiencing, for example ‘excessive sweating’. This is a very unfortunate but common problem for men and we urge anyone reading this that suffers from excessive sweating to do something about it- why be uncomfortable any longer? Help is here. For years we have experimented with deodorants and powders but most times this problem persists, with medicine and technology progressing the way it is, Dr.Shah’s clinic offers you an easy solution. Injecting a small amount of Botox into the problem area helps to freeze the sweat glands. The result will enable you to have more confidence in every day life whether it be playing sport, around your partner and in the work place- you will no longer have to think twice about how high you lift your arms! Just like this, Dr. Shah deals with many more problems that are easily solved with the use of a little Botox. Magic hey!

No more apple chin (and can we just say that this little change can make such a difference to your face), lines… oh the lines. The lines around your eyes, bunny lines across your nose or those ghastly ones that gather and socialise around your mouth! What about that banding around your neck?

We know that over-the counter creams seem appealing and cheap, but they generally don’t correct the problem area as there are only so many chemicals retailers are allowed to distribute without a prescription. When a GP prescribes something; ethically they must believe the product is going to treat the problem and THAT is why Botox is worth every penny. Botox involves a small number of painless injections to the chosen area, you feel a tiny prick but numbing cream is available (usually unnecessary) and takes a total of ten to fifteen minutes only. This procedure is so fast that some men have dubbed it the “lunchtime lift’! The good news is that the after care isn’t laborious, no red lumps or bruising and you can go back to work straight after with no one being able to tell the difference. Dr. Shah will advise you to “be careful” not to touch where has been injected for the first four hours- but that’s pretty normal. Results are usually noticeable within a week and the treatment lasts up to six months before you gain back full movement. Easy enough?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the male demand for Botox has increased by 310% since 2000 and shows no sign of slowing down. With other non-invasive procedures available, interest has soared for filler and laser treatments. You can even get rid of your bulge by freezing away your fat cells! So why not be part of this revolution and book an appointment with Dr. Shah now? Reality is, today men are much much more interested in their appearance than before so as the old expression goes… “if you can’t beat em join em!”

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Dr sarah really takes her time and has patience , being a anxious person she makes sure im carm before starting treatments and takes her time to explain what shes doing. I am happy with the filler treatment she has done for me .

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