Brazilian Butt Lift

What is a Brazilian Butt Lift?

The Brazilian Butt Lift is one of the most popular butt augmentation procedures on the market, and it has great results.

This type of butt augmentation helps restore volume and lift to the buttocks using dermal fillers or fat grafting, or a combination of both. It offers a shapely look to the butt, which may not be achieved through exercise or diet.

Dr Shah uses the FDA-approved dermal fillers in the non-surgical butt lift to achieve the desired shape for clients through a series of sessions, with minimal side effects.

How butt augmentation works

Injecting the filler into certain areas of the buttocks can alter the overall shape, giving a more desired look to your figure.

Butt augmentation can be carried out in a few different ways. Some butt augmentation procedures involve liposuction to inject a person’s own fat back into the buttocks with fat transfers, in a process known as fat grafting. However, this procedure involves the client recovering from the fat grafting surgery.

Our treatment is non invasive and it involves small injections is spread out over 3-4 sessions. There is no downtime and the treatment is completed over 3-4 months, giving a fuller appearance of the buttock. The injections will augment healthier skin by stimulating your body’s natural collagen.*

Each treatment can take up to an hour, and is usually completed without anesthesia, however ice can be used if you’d like the area numbed, and to reduce swelling. You may see immediate effects following the procedure, though initially this may be due to swelling.

The FDA approved dermal filler used in Dr Sarah Shah’s butt augmentation has been widely used since 1999 to lift the face and fill out depleted tissue, known as poly-L-lactic acid, which stimulates the body’s natural collagen.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.


Brazilian Butt Lift: Choosing your shape

During your butt augmentation consultation, your butt shape will be highlighted to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the non-surgical butt lift procedure.

Signs that you may be suitable for a Brazilian butt lift include:

  • Sagging or flattening of the buttocks
  • Dimples and cellulite of the buttocks
  • Having realistic expectations

There are 4 main types of female butt shape, which will be outlined in your consultation to find the shape you have, and choose your desired butt shape.

Heart-Shaped (A)
The ‘heart’ or A-shaped butt is widely considered to be the most feminine & desirable shape for women. It comes as a result of fat distributed around the lower portion of the butt & thighs, and gives a more tapered look from the waistline to the bottom of the butt – creating an ‘A’ shape.

Round-Shaped (O)
‘round’ or O-shaped butt is commonly called a ‘bubble butt’ due to the round appearance. This is considered the second-most desirable shape for women & comes as a result of fat distribution around the cheeks of the butt. Fat also sits on the upper portion of the cheeks, which gives it the rounded, bubble shape.

The V-shaped butt comes from having more fat on the waist and outer thighs, and is generally seen as the least attractive butt shape for women. It’s more commonly seen in older women, as lower oestrogen levels result in the shift of fat storage from the butt to the midsection, resulting in having the base of the butt less full than the top.

This shape has too little, or too tight skin and tissue on the buttocks, making it difficult to accept fat transfer. This restricts the amount of reshaping possible.

Square-Shaped (H)
The ‘square’ or H-shaped butt is caused by higher or more prominent hip bones, or even by a distribution of fat in the ‘love handle’ area. This is generally the most commonly complained about shape for women, and some consider it to be a little masculine, as it appears straight up-and-down right below the waist, without curves.

A Brazilian Butt Lift can be used to augment O and A shaped butts, as well as correcting a V shaped butt, or likening an H shaped butt to an O or A shape.


Result & Recovery Time

The dermal filler stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen to give the desired shape. This treatment over several sessions can drastically change the butt shape, and results can continue to be seen for over two years. The injected product will eventually be dissolved completely by the body.

There are minimal side effects, but there may be swelling and minor bruising. Patients may notice an immediate result due to swelling of the buttocks, however the full result is achieved after 3-4 sessions completed over 3-4 months. There is little to no recovery time with our procedure, letting you quickly return to your daily activities.


Where do we offer the Brazilian butt lift in London?

We offer this butt augmentation treatment in London at our City of London Clinic located in the Aldgate area of London.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.



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