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I‘ve always heard good things about the results you can get with Obagi, but in my 13 years in the industry I’ve never tried the products myself. One of the reasons for this was that I had also heard that the systems were complicated to follow and that you got downtime with them. As has been well documented in this magazine over the past few years, I have had a bit of a battle with my skin in my 30s.

Premature ageing and lifestyle impacts such as smoking and adult acne have meant that I am a good candidate these days for trying out skin treatments and products because I can really see the difference, or not, in my skin. For my Obagi consultation, I went to see Dr Sarah Shah at her clinic in London. I had a well-timed breakout just before my appointment so during our long and through consultation she examined my skin carefully and spoke about my challenges and concerns. Because of my acne, she prescribed the Obagi CLENZIderm System, a prescription-strength therapeutic system to combat acne, as well as a six-week course of antifungal tablets.

Dr Shah explained the steps I needed to follow, which were not that difficult or complicated at all (Obagi myth one busted), and said she wanted me to follow that for two weeks, then come back and see her. She also gave me an Obagi Medical Treatment Planner booklet, a pocket-sized booklet that very simply outlined what products I was to use and when. This made sticking to the regime much easier. The regime included washing my face in the morning with the Nu-Derm Gentle Foaming Cleanser before applying my Sun Shield SPF.

The evening programme included washing my face with CLENZIderm Foaming Wash before wiping my skin with the CLENZIderm Pore Cleanser and applying one pump of the Therapeutic Lotion onto affected areas as a spot treatment. The Pore Cleanser and Therapeutic Lotion did tingle, giving my skin a cool medicated feeling. I actually enjoyed the sensation of it because it feels like it’s doing something.

The three CLENZIderm products are specially formulated to work together to provide better pore penetration, quick reduction in acnecausing bacteria and visible acne reduction in as little as two weeks. Daily Care Foaming Cleanser removes dirt and excess oil with 2% salicylic acid, leaving skin clean and refreshed. 2% salicylic acid gently washes away dead skin cells to reveal cleaner, healthier skin. Soothing menthol then cools and calms any irritated skin.

Pore Therapy cleans deep within the pores to clear skin. By unclogging the pores and cleaning away dead skin cells, pore therapy prepares skin to deeply absorb the liquid serum that targets acne at its source. Therapeutic Lotion delivers solubilised benzoyl peroxide deep down into the follicles beneath the skin where acne begins. It quickly clears acne and prevents new breakouts from occurring. Solubilized 5% benzoyl peroxide significantly reduces acnecausing bacteria.

The CLENZIderm line uses revolutionary Soluzyl Technology to deliver powerful, scientifically-proven acnefighting ingredient benzoyl peroxide deep into the skin to unclog pores and eliminate bacteria that irritates the skin and leads to acne outbreaks. This unique feature sets CLENZIderm apart from other systems that treat only the surface of the skin.

Clinical studies have shown that CLENZIderm significantly reduces follicular P. acnes bacteria compared to a leading BPO/clindamycin combination. P. acnes are bacteria that can live deep within follicles and pores, using oil and skin cells to cause skin damage and inflammation. Within a week of using the products I noticed a dramatic difference in my skin.

I did get some dryness but nothing I was bothered about and Dr Shah gave me a Nu-Derm Hydrate in case my skin felt really dry and tight which she said to only use if I really needed it – I only used it twice. Dr Shah reviewed me after two weeks when I had a Dermalux treatment and she prescribed some Obagi Tretionin 0.05% and Nu-Derm Blender.

This step was to be added into the evening part of the routine. I have used tretinoin before so I was prepared for the initial dryness I experienced with it. Dr Shah then reviewed my progress every two weeks over a six-week period. By the end of it my skin was looking and feeling better than ever and any dryness I had been experiencing had gone.

I was really impressed with the Obagi range and all my fears and concerns proved to be totally unfounded. A number of people have commented on how good my skin is looking and asked what I have been using. It really is transformative and I can see why it has been one of the leading medical skincare brands in the US for so long.


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