Sculptra Butt lift How Does the Procedure Work?

In today’s modern world we are lucky enough to have access to cosmetic procedures that enhance every single part of our bodies. From faces to breasts, from tummies to thighs, everything can be lifted and enhanced in some way. And that includes our butts thanks to the sculptra butt lift.

If you’re not satisfied with your butt and think a Sculptra butt lift might be exactly what you need, you’re not alone. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) carried out a study in 2015 to determine the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. The results showed that buttock augmentation was the fastest growing type of plastic surgery by far, with one procedure taking place every half an hour on average.

You might be wondering whether a Sculptra butt lift is suitable for everyone. The short answer is yes. No matter what sort of size or shape of butt you have, the Sculptra butt lift can offer an enhancement to yours.

A butt shape you actually like….

Did you know that there are actually five different butt shapes in the world? And not one of them is immune to becoming saggy over time. Even the pertest of cheeks may one day become… well, a little less than pert. Knowing which butt shape you have is always interesting, but remember, all butts can benefit from a Sculptra butt lift.

But which butt shape does your fit into?

Butt Shapes


Square butts aren’t all sharp angles and points, but they are symmetrical and ‘boxy’. How can you tell if this is your butt? The link between your outer thigh and your hip bone is perpendicular to the ground. You may feel that this butt shape gives your body a more masculine look, and a Sculptra butt lift could give you more feminine roundness.

V Shape

Unsurprisingly, the V shape butt looks like a V shape from behind… hence the name. The pelvis and hip line turn inward, giving it that unique look. It’s most common in women with narrow hips that rise to much broader shoulders.

A Shape

Turn a V shape upside down and you have an A shape. Wider at the bottom of the butt than at the top, it’s usually seen in women who have ‘pear shaped’ bodies.


Once upon a time, a round butt was not something people were particularly proud of having, but fashions change and right now, thanks to our lovely and more rounded celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Beyonce, a round butt is all the rage. That’s part of the reason why a Sculptra butt lift is a great investment.

Upside Down Heart

This type of butt is similar to the round shape, but it curves inwards at the top.

How does a Sculptra butt Lift Works

Having a Sculptra butt lift using Sculptra fillers will give your bum volume as well as lifting the buttocks to give them a better shape. It’s done by injecting the Sculptra filler into carefully chosen areas of the butt – and it should only be done by qualified surgeons. A Sculptra butt lift is usually done over three to four sessions over the same number of months, with Sculptra filler injected into different areas each time. Treatment takes around an hour and doesn’t need anaesthetic (although the area can be numbed if you prefer).

The great news about having a Sculptra butt lift is that there are very few side effects. It’s common to notice some swelling or bruising, for example, but that will quickly reduce. Recovery time is minimal, meaning you can get back to normality quickly and without fuss, but with a lovely, lifted bum to boot (excuse the pun)! The treatment, once completed, should last for up to two years.

Get the butt you’ ve always wanted with Dr Sarah Shah Clinic

If you are unsatisfied with your butt shape and want to feel happier and more confident then get in touch with us today. Dr Sarah Shah is a specialist in aesthetic medicine and member of the Royal College of General Practitioners. Having worked within the non-surgical cosmetic procedures industry for the past eight years, Dr Shah is highly experienced in ensuring her treatments use painless techniques, alongside the latest, scientifically proven materials.

We ensure all our patients are given all the information they need about any cosmetic service, before during and after the treatment. We also provide an initial consultation where you will be able to discuss exactly what you are looking for from your treatment. If you would like to talk through the options for a sculptra butt lift, why not book a no-obligation consultation for a time that suits you? We look forward to hearing from you.




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