Cellulite is an occurrence reported by 85-98% of women.

Female hormones play a major role in contributing to this fat distribution pattern. It occurs in post pubescent females but is mostly uncommon for men.

It is usually a result of the subcutaneous fat permeating within fibrous corrective tissue. This leads to the dimpling nodularity so often seen on the pelvic region, buttocks, thighs and abdomen.

Cellulite grades:

Grade Zero – No visible cellulite.
Smooth appearance and texture of the skin, even when the skin is pinched.

Grade One
Skin is smooth on standing, cellulite only becomes noticeable when skin is pinched.

Grade Two
Visible cellulite when standing but disappears when laying down horizontally.

Grade Three – Cleary visible cellulite.
The skin is dimpled regardless of sitting to standing, more so when skin is pinched.

During the procedure:

During a painless short procedure, dermal fillers are placed evenly under the defects which subsequently reduce the size of dimples and smooth out the areas of cellulite, varying from person to person.

Usually one or two treatments are needed to treat the cellulite for a smoother appearance. A third treatment may be required for grade 3 classification of cellulite.