CM Slim

What is CM Slim?

If you are looking for a clinically proven solution to increase muscle and decrease fat, The Contour Master is top range non-invasive body contouring. It is designed to target the buttocks, arms, stomach and legs with high intensity electromagnetic muscle training (HI – EMT). The treatment works by activating the muscle in a non-voluntary motion. This is achieved with focused electromagnetic pulses. This is a unique dual paddle application featuring a 7 Tesla. It delivers the most advanced and intensive electromagnetic treatment available to date. It can help to firm, sculpt and strengthen the body without any discomfort or downtime.

How does CM Slim work?

HI-EMT delivers focused electromagnetic energy which safely passes through dermal and subcutaneous layers to target muscle groups. The electromagnetic energy will hold the muscle in a contracted state while it delivers thousands of contractions into the muscle to strengthen and increase muscle tone. The contractions will also trigger the release of free fatty acids which break down localized fat deposits.

By working out in the gym on a regular basis you may utilise 30 to 40% of the muscle. An experienced athlete may utilise up to 55% of the muscle. CM slim contracts 100% of the muscle 100% of the time. When treating the abdomen area each 30 minute session is the equivalent of 30,000 sit ups. The same applies to the buttocks, each session is the equivalent to 30,000 squats.

When do I start seeing results?

Results can be felt after one 30 minute session. Results will continue to improve over a 6 to 12 month period depending on lifestyle. We suggest you complete a course of two sessions a week, over a three week period to get best results. Ongoing maintenance treatments are also advised for long lasting results. Maintenance treatments may be required once a month, or once every 4-6months depending on patients lifestyle and goals.

Studies show that you can see a 21% increase in muscle mass, 18% reduction in fat.

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Who is suitable for CM Slim treatment?

This treatment will help patients build and strengthen muscles that they may be having difficulty working on their own. CM Slim is not a replacement for working out but rather works best when used in conjunction with regular physical exercise and a healthy diet. The CM Slim helps your muscles engage more by enabling them to keep active and strong. It is also great for those who want to rebuild and strengthen muscles after certain injuries. A full consultation will be given to create a plan based on your goals.

Are there any risks involved?

There have been no complications or adverse events associated with CM Slim. There is no downtime, patients may return to all their normal activities immediately following the treatment. The only main contraindications of CM Slim are patients who are pregnant, have pacemakers, metal implants or metal IUDs that are close to the area of treatment. A full medical history will be completed during a consultation

How much does CM Slim cost?

The cost per session, per area is £300. For the recommended course of 4 treatments over a two week period will cost £1200

Your practitioner will help create a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your specific goals