Do you experience pain during sex? Perhaps an inability to orgasm or vaginal dryness? Say hello (?) to The ‘O-Shot’. This is the revolutionary treatment we have been waiting for. From the creator of the Vampire Facelift, this treatment can help you enjoy sex again. Also being used to treat urinary incontinence, the O-Shot is an easy, non-surgical treatment that can augment the labia and rejuvenate the clitoris and G-Spot.

Using the same principles as the Vampire Facelift – the technique that uses growth factors harvested from a simple blood sample which is then re-injected into the vagina and clitoris to stimulate rejuvenation and reawaken the Female Orgasm System. Women the world over are receiving the O-Shot and enjoying an increased sexual response, many seeing a dramatic improvement. This wonder treatment can also be used to treat conditions such as urinary incontinence.

How Soon after the procedure can i return to work

You can return to work immediately, with only minor discomfort that subsides very quickly.

How Long Does the Results last

Results can be seem immediately, however the renewal effects of the PRP continue for 2-3 months and when then typically expect results to last for 12 months.*

Is This treatment right For me ?

The best way for us to answer this question would be for you to come in for a consultation with one of our expertly trained clinicians who will talk you through the procedure in detail, allowing you to make an informed decision.

*Treatments are bespoke for every individual and results may vary.

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