Boytox the new Cosmetic trend

Staring at yourself in the reflection, what once was youthful looking skin is now being annihilated by the ever growing amount of annoying fine lines crawling across your forehead. Congratulations; your first wrinkles have surfaced! In this ‘selfie’ obsessed generation that we live in, it’s not just women that will do anything to preserve their […]

Acne Doen’t Define How You Are

With the holiday season fast approaching there are so many things to stress about, but your skin doesn’t have to be one of them! Using the phenomenal Obagi skin care routine, you can say goodbye to all those ghastly pimples in time to welcome the New Year with confidence. There is light at the end […]

Obagi CLENZIderm System

I‘ve always heard good things about the results you can get with Obagi, but in my 13 years in the industry I’ve never tried the products myself. One of the reasons for this was that I had also heard that the systems were complicated to follow and that you got downtime with them. As has […]

Sculptra Butt lift How Does the Procedure Work?

In today’s modern world we are lucky enough to have access to cosmetic procedures that enhance every single part of our bodies. From faces to breasts, from tummies to thighs, everything can be lifted and enhanced in some way. And that includes our butts thanks to the sculptra butt lift. If you’re not satisfied with […]

Skincare For Men Our Treatments

Looking after your skin, ageing gracefully, and combatting the stress of everyday life, are all things that effect us – whether you are male or female. Nowadays, more men are beginning to realise that there are techniques and treatments out there that can help to overcome any skincare issues that they feel unhappy about. Skincare […]

5 of the Best facial Products for Winter

Winter can be a tough time for your skin. The combination of cold weather, bitter winds and central heating can have a drying effect on your face, leaving it looking dull and lacklustre. To help your skin survive the winter season, you’re going to need to switch up your skincare routine and give your skin […]

 Facial Rejuvenation Treatments 

Winter is coming. In fact, in many places, it feels like winter is here already now the temperatures have dropped. That means cosy nights in, brisk woodland walks, and it signals that Christmas is on its way. Winter is a wonderful time of year for the most part, but it’s not so wonderful for our […]

Intravenous Vitamins Drips – Top 5 Benefits

With the winter season well and truly here, it could be easier than you think to get the perfect pick me up. Intravenous vitamin drips are a popular treatment for boosting your health and wellness, with a number of vitamin cocktails available to suit your needs. Want to know more? Take a look at these […]

Top Treatments for Detoxing -Inside and Out

‘Detox’ is a term that we hear regularly. Put simply, a detox is the chance to rid the body of toxins built up over time. If you’re feeling sluggish, run down and lacking in energy, it could be your body’s way of telling you that you need to detox. There are many myths and misconceptions […]

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